Holler Product Warranty Information

24 Months Warranty. Be sure that you keep the details of your purchase; name of the shop, date of purchase and price.

Please be aware that our warranty covers manufacturer's defects only, It does not cover the following:

  • The straps, crystals and batteries.
  • Defects due to inappropriate treatment or problems caused from repairs done by someone other than a authorized repair centre.
  • Damage to the case or movement resulting from mishandling.
  • Water damage, intentional damage, or general wear and tear (such as scratches, fading of the gold, etc.). Although the watches are water-resistant to a certain degree (3 ATM or more), make sure the crown is always closed so moisture does not get in.
  • Although the case colour and decoration is very thick, we are not able to determine how you will wear the watch. Therefore the covering of colour is not covered by the warranty.
  • Crown/stem damages are not covered. In most cases, crown/stem damages results from the customer pulling extremely hard at the stem, thus jamming the movement. However, if the crown/stem damage is due to a manufacturers' defect, we will gladly repair/replace your product.

All watch cases are installed with a tamper-proof seal. If you open up the watchcase and the seal is broken, all return policies are void for the watch. Please do not have any others than jewellers work on the watch or open it up.

In the case when your product cannot be repaired and assuming your watch is still covered under warranty, we will send you a replacement of the exact same model. If that model is out of stock, then you can choose another product of the same value.

Prior to any return we need to be contacted before any item is returned so a reference number can be issued. Please insure your return, we are not responsible for shipping damages. Please email us the tracking number after you have sent out the returned product. We will be looking for the tracking number to pick up your returned product, the return reference must also be included with the product. Packages without tracking and reference numbers emailed to us in advance will be returned to the customer.

Allow up to a MINIMUM of 4 weeks to receive your repair product.

The product is subject to final inspection before it is repaired/exchanged.

HOLLER shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose on this product are limited in duration to the duration of this warranty.

Please register your watch for warranty: see http://www.holleronline.com/product-registration